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Concept and Overview

Concept and Overview

We offer open discovery and diving cruises for divers and non-divers. The boat is of minimal capacity (10-12 people maximum), each cruise is unique and tailor-made according to the composition of the group and their Desires. On board, the daily program is presented, discussed and confirmed with the guests every evening for the next day. We organize our cruise according to everyone needs, without compromise.

For divers, we offer up to 3 dives per day, sometimes 4 dives / day with a night dive.

Activities for non-divers and divers include snorkelling, kayaking and Stand up Paddling, trekking, exploring pristine beaches and villages, bird and animal watching. All locations are carefully selected, and all activities are guided, including snorkelling.

We also offer yoga / breathing / relaxation and snorkelling activities on request, with highly qualified and experienced teachers.

A wish list is sent to guests 2 months before departure and a detailed cruise program one month prior to departure. We also send our “cruise book” two months prior to departure, with a compilation of useful and practical information related to the Cruise.

Wherever your arrival airport, the cruise begins with your pickup at your hotel or at Labuan Bajo (Flores), Sorong (Raja Ampat) or elsewhere depending on your cruise destination. You are then invited to come aboard and sail to these extraordinary places. Despite most of the dates being fixed on our annual planner, we do offer tailor-made cruises for specifically requested dates which can be arranged depending on availability and the number of people booking. Remember to book well in advance to allow for the personal choice of dates.

Please note that our proposed itineraries may be modified by the captain of the boat and the cruise director depending on the weather, the sea and the conditions on board.

Our Destinations

Komodo National Park – Flores

A place out of time

Thirty million years ago, the now famous giant Komodo lizards already populated this group of islands, one of the most unique places on the planet. These volcanic, eroded and sunny landscapes are treasure-filled both on land and under the sea.

An exceptional natural park in the heart of the Indonesian archipelago offering an amazing underwater biodiversity.



Raja Ampat (“the four kings”) is an archipelago of 1,500 islands whose beauty is matched only by the wealth of the depths it shelters. Located in the Indonesian province of West Papua whose main town is Sorong, another gateway by plane.

This area is precisely at the confluences of the Philippines to the North, Papua New Guinea to the East and Indonesia to the West and is particularly famous for harboring the richest and most diverse marine fauna in the world… proof in the east, Unesco plans to inscribe these islands on its list of world heritage.



The Togean archipelago is a unique destination due to its geographic location and the specificity of the seabed. Located in the Gulf of Tomini, the destination offers breathtaking underwater and terrestrial biodiversity. A destination that is still a well kept secret, an almost virgin tropical paradise, hundreds of small islands with pristine beaches, far from mass tourism destinations. It offers some of the most beautiful diving and snorkelling spots in Indonesia. The dive sites which are among the most famous, and have a well established reputation, are located around the volcanic island UNA UNA.



At the heart of the Coral Triangle, this destination has a rich history and offers a wide variety of travel and diving experiences. Halmahera is the largest of the northern Moluccan islands. Of volcanic origin and located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, Halmahera and its islands presents an immense marine ecosystem and a rich biodiversity, with marvellous fauna and flora. The islands stretch between the Philippines, Sulawesi and New Guinea and are connected to the open Pacific Ocean to the northeast. New itinerary developed in partnership with Konjo Cruising Indonesia



Wakatobi is a little wonder to discover for divers and non-divers. Little known by liveaboard but well known to connoisseurs, Wakatobi is famous for underwater photographers who are passionate about capturing these pristine reefs. Wakatobi is a small archipelago located in the center of the famous coral triangle (one of the most diverse marine ecosystems on our planet) on the east coast of Sulawesi. Consisting of 4 islands called Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomea and Binongko, the name Wakatobi is an acronym for the names of these four islands. Wakatobi is one of the best diving destinations in the world with beautiful corals and incredible biodiversity. Jacques Cousteau even declared that it was very probably the most beautiful dive site in the whole world!