Construction of Jakaré

Construction of Jakaré

This vessel was manufactured between 2015 and 2017 by Tanah Beru’s traditional shipyards (in the Bira region of South Sulawesi, Indonesia). A dozen carpenters, cabinet makers, electricians, painters have succeeded after more than 30 months to shape the jewel that is Jakaré. Originally, an idea, or rather a dream, of François & Maya (sailors & divers at heart and established owners of a diving cruise boat, the Jinggo Janggo since 2013). Equipped with this rich experience, the desire to build an unconventional boat emerged with the idea of ​​combining:

  • the charm and authenticity of Indonesian boats
  • the well-being and bonding of holidaymakers
  • welcoming families, divers or cruise line in the best conditions of comfort
  • a sustainable approach to the exploitaion of resources for the project

The daily practice of yoga by the young owners will probably explain that the relaxation of their guests is at the heart of their concerns… 

A little history…

These traditional boats were present in the 15th century, where they were used for coastal trade, and island hopping in the Indonesian archipelago. Transported by these reliable and robust boats, one would find the Indonesian sailors trading in the Philippines, in Australia, and on the whole east coast of the African continent… right up to Madagascar.

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