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The key points

  • A unique trip, a cruise with a scent of adventure outside of the most frequented sites of Indonesia.
  • A region steeped in history, an epicentre of spice production (nutmeg and cloves) from the 16th to the 19th century.
  • The sea of exceptional biodiversity, which need not envy that of Raja Ampat.
  • Magnificent and wild volcanic landscapes of East Indonesia with primary forests and white sandy beaches.
  • May combine in one itinerary, two exceptional destinations: Raja Ampat and Halmahera.

Diving and snorkelling

  • Halmahera offers a wide range of dives including wrecks, dizzying drop-offs, seamounts with sharp angles.
  • Impressive dive sites kept well hidden.
  • Good visibility and water temperature is at 29º C.
  • Abundant marine life, schools of fish and large pelagics in the Goraichis and the Strait of Patintia sometimes with manta rays, and also beautiful Macro dives.
  • Bright colorful mesmerizing reefs with numerous large soft corals and well preserved hard coral gardens.

From : 3960 Euro / Person for a 12 day cruise

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Other key information


Ternate or Sorong


Ternate or Sorong


from 8 to 12 days


April-May and October-November.


equatorial climate, hot and humid

Number of dives

24 to 28 dives for a 12 days cruise

How to get there

Ternate Airport is served by major Indonesian airlines from Jakarta, Manado and Makassar.

Destination Halmahera

Volcanic in origin, these islands which are today largely excluded from the economic development of the rest of the country, have nevertheless marked the history of the area and of old Europe. Otherwise known as ‘Spice Island’, these islands were the scene of high stakes and coveted amongst the main economic powers of the 16th century; English, Dutch, Arabs, Portuguese and Chinese who contested the dominance of the place to control the precious spice trade.

In the 19th century, the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace also made it his base for exploring the more remote Indonesian regions, and contributing his research to the theory of evolution published by Darwin.

Typical 12 days cruise from Raja Ampat to Halmahera

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