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The key points

  • Made up of 1,500 islands, the Raja Ampat archipelago is unspoilt and breathtaking both underwater and on land.
  • Located in the famous Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is renowned for sheltering the richest and most diverse marine fauna in the world: 75% of the corals listed in the world are in Raja Ampat.
  • Karst landscapes bathed in turquoise waters, idyllic beaches and totally pristine islands.
  • A real adventure cruise with multiple activities (discovery of villages, trekking, Kayaks, Stand up Paddle) which all make the trip even more rewarding.

Diving and snorkelling

  • One of the best diving destinations in the world.
  • In general, dives are with current, on seamounts, pinnacles, sandy and rocky depths gently sloping and some places with amazing underwater landscapes (for example : Raja Ampat South).
  • For the most part visibility is average, due to the richness and abundance of nutritive substances and plankton. The water temperature is around 28-29°C all year-round.
  • Pelagic and macro diving, there is something to suit everyone’s taste, with some sites that are easily accessible from Papuan beaches and villages.
  • An abundance of soft corals, gorgonians and intact hard corals.

From : 3300 Euro / Person for a 10 day cruise.

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Other key information


Sorong - West Papua or Kaimana (Triton Bay) or Ternate (Halmahera)


Sorong - West Papua or Kaimana (Triton Bay) or Ternate (Halmahera)


from 7 to 12 days


between October-November and April-May.


humid equatorial, it is hot and humid all year round

Number of dives

10 D / 9 N cruise: from 20 and 25 dives

How to get there

Sorong Airport, the gateway, from Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar with Garuda Air Asia, Lion Air, Batik Air

Destination Raja Ampat

A little Geography

This archipelago of 1500 islands includes four main islands, Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Missol. The islands are often mountainous and the green tropical vegetation contrasts with the white sand beaches and the turquoise sea of ​​the coast. Raja Ampat is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean which gives rise to a strong continental current originating in the Sahul (Sahul is the name of the continental plateau with parts that have emerged, which are known today as Australia, Tasmania and the New Guinea). Raja Ampat covers an area of ​​approximately 46,000m2 and has around 50,000 inhabitants spread around the archipelago in villages that we visit during our cruises.

Typical Cruise Itinerary 10 Days / 9 Nights

  • General Information

  • Itinerary Map

  • Day 1 - Sorong and Mansuar Island

  • Day 2 - Kri and Mansuar Islands

  • Day 3 - Wayag Archipelago

  • Day 4 - Kawe Island and Aljui Bay

  • Day 5 - Isle of Wofoh

  • Day 6 - Pienemu Island

  • Day 7 - Yangello and Arborek islands

  • Day 8 - Raja Central

  • Day 9 - Raja Central

  • Day 10 - Return to Sorong and end of the cruise

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