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The key points

  • Recognized as one of the best diving and snorkelling destinations in the world with clear waters and extraordinary underwater flora and fauna.
  • Much more than a simple diving cruise, an experience on a human scale to meet a rich and unique local culture: the Bajo ethnic group, the sea nomads who have the most incredible free divers in the world whose only horizon is that of the ocean.
  • A well-kept-secret destination for divers and non-divers with notonly marine but also land activities such as visits to Bajos village on stilts, pristine white sand beaches and extraordinary flora and fauna.

Diving and snorkelling

  • Wakatobi has been a National Marine Park since 1996.
  • with more than 80 easily accessible directory sites by Liveaboard.
  • The region offers remarkable biodiversity with 750 species of coral and 942 species of fish that have been listed.
  • Very good visibility and an abundant underwater life with schools of fish, turtles, barracudas, rays etc… hard and soft corals as well as giant gorgonians well preserved. However there are also the little ones that will delight macro lovers.
  • Diving is mainly on drop offs but also dry and seamounts. There are varied and sometimes impressive underwater reliefs.

From : 2310 Euro / Person for a 7 day cruise.

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Other key information


Wangi Wangi


Wangi Wangi


from 6 to 8 days.


October to November and April to May.


26 to 30 °C all year round and drier than in the rest of the Indonesian archipelago.

Number of dives

15 to 20 dives for a 7D / 6N Cruise

How to get there

Wangi Wangi Airport is served from Kandari and Makassar by Garuda Indonesia and Wings Air.

Destination Wakatobi

Located in the South East of the island of Sulawesi, Wakatobi is a small wonder to discover for divers and non-divers.

The population of Wakatobi is made up of people of different cultures, mainly from Buton, Bajo and Bugis. Only seven of the 143 total islands belonging to Wakatobi are inhabited. Most of the total population of around 120,000 people lives on one of the four main islands. Before being called Wakatobi, it was known as Kepulauan Tukang Besi, the blacksmith archipelago.

Discovery and Diving Cruise - 7 days / 6 nights

  • Map of Wakatobi National Park

  • Day 1 - Arrival in Wangi Wangi

  • Day 2 - Diving in Wangi Wangi

  • Day 3 - Diving in Tomia

  • Day 4 - Diving around Tomia

  • Day 5 - Diving in Kaledupa, arrival in Hoga

  • Day 6 - Diving in Hoga and visit Kaledupa

  • Day 7 - Return to Wangi Wangi and departure