croisière plongée en Indonésie

Your diving cruise in Indonesia on the Jakaré

Whatever your arrival airport, the cruise starts with your pick up at Labuan Bajo Airport (Flores), Sorong (Raja Ampat) or elsewhere depending on your cruise destination. You are then invited to go on board to begin sailing in these extraordinary places.

Should some dates be fixed on our annual planning, these dates can be relinquished and cruises can be organized according to the availability and the number of people confirmed to be expected on board.

Navigating the different Indonesian seas, the Jakaré will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful jewels in the archipelago…

Cruise example : 6 days in Komodo

The Cruise usually departs on Saturday from Labuan Bajo, ‘capital’ of the island of Flores, for a return on Thursday, 5 nights on board for 6 exceptional days!

For large families or a group of friends wishing to privatise the Jakaré, alternative dates can of course be arranged (departure and arrival customised).

Our cruise leader will welcome you from Labuan Bajo Airport. During a short car ride to the port, where you will embark aboard the Jakaré, you can admire the beautiful bay of Labuan Bajo, from the heights of the city.

Children are welcome on board. They will spend unforgettable moments, while the parents devote themselves to diving, walking or simply delighting in the family life on board.

Once on the Cruise boat, while having your welcome drink, you can chat about the program anticipated for you; which is totally flexible to adapt to and accommodate the wishes of our guests (depending on the weather) … in short freedom!
After determining your level of diving, our dive master will guide you through the Komodo archipelago, to discover the fabulous seabed of the Komodo National Park. Diving equipment can be rented on board.

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Day 1

Once you arrive at Labuan Bajo Airport (on Flores Island), we will go to the entrance of the National Park to pay the entrance fees. Back on board, we will head to Sebayur Island. During this first interlude of navigation, we will discuss the specific features of the Jakaré, the diving equipment, your safety and emergency procedures … Then it will be time to get into the water for your first dive which will allow our dive master to get acquainted with you, to adjust the material and for you to encounter the first local fish. After a debriefing we will enjoy a meal that our chef will have concocted for us.

Day 2

We will leave for the island of Gili Lawa Laut; located in the north of Komodo Park, to see very rich fauna; Pygmy hippocampus, toad fish, butterfly fish, surgeon fish, mandarin fish, ghost fish, angel fish, seahorse, turtles … This whole small world gravitating in a very varied environment, full of corals, seamounts, or impressive potato corals. Three dives can be done including the ‘Crystal Rock’ … A spot known for its magnificent landscapes and its rich fauna. After such an emotional experience, let yourself go, take a short walk, to a moment of incomparable relaxation at the top of the hill and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

tortue komodo

Day 3

The world belongs to those who get up early !! So we apply this adage and take the opportunity to go diving on Castle Rock. It is a small seamount around which you can see many barracuda, mackerel, parrotfish, Jack-Fish and maybe even some Manta rays … This location is best known for hosting many sharks that hunt in the area. Three dives in the day will not be enough to see the schools of trevally, eels and, for the lucky ones, a chance to swim amongst the dolphins and eagle rays.

Day 4

The Jakaré will then sail to the island of Tatawa where we will take our first dive of the day, drifting and driven by the current, during which we will see different species of turtles and humpback parrots.

Hopefully we might see fabulous hunting scenes on Batu Bolong. A spot considered a must for anyone who wants to see predators in action like sharks, tuna or Napoleon. Finally, to complete this magnificent day, we will go to see the majestic rays which regularly cross the reef of Karang Makassar… Suspended in time. Once on board the Jakaré, we will taste the famous crêpes accompanied by fresh fruit, then we will resume our journey to the northern tip of the island of Rinca.

Day 5

After a hearty breakfast that our chef will treat you to, we will get off board, and go trekking (depending more or less on the mood of the moment) on the island of Rinca. Accompanied by Rangers (kind of Park ranger), where we will definitely see and get an opportunity to observe the famous Komodo Dragons. We will have much more to see : the Komodo’s terrestrial wildlife (rich in deer, wild boars, bats and many birds).

Back on board, for a final dive on the island of Tengag kecil to get a close look at hard and soft corals, sponges and small species such as clownfish, pygmy seahorses, shrimps, orangutang crabs, porcelain crabs, nudibranchs and chips sea.

crevette komodo

Day 6

We will spend the night in the North-West of the island and enjoy a beautiful blue sky and take a plunge for some morning breaststroke swimming around the Jakaré, thanks to its back beach that allows for simple, pleasant and convenient access to the sea. Then we will visit the neighboring village for a chit-chat with the local people.

After lunch, enjoy the few hours of sailing back to Labuan Bajo, take a nap on the large and comfortable back deck or relax on the sun deck.

Lastly it will be goodbye to the crew. Our cruise leader will then accompany you to the airport for your flight to Bali or elsewhere … Unless you decide to spend an extra few days on Flores to discover the incredible wealth and character that this island has to offer.

10 days in Raja Ampat

Dreaming about diving in Indonesia ?
In west Papua, the archipelago of Raja Ampat or “the 4 kings” was classified as world capital of biodiversity marine with 1800 different species. In the heart of “the coral triangle”, this real lost paradise is savage, generous, colorful and preserved.
Let’s get on a fabulous vessel, charm and authenticity, to explore one of the best place in the world.

Just in between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, everything is full of life, both underwater and tropical forest, paradise birds and colorful garden corals.

With a departure from Sorong, you will go on diving-cruise for 10 days in the North of Raja Ampat. Planning 2 to 3 diving a day. The smooth of the island Kri, the karstic cliffs of Wayag, the climbing of Pindito mont, the rich waters with plancton in Aljui, the Mantas rays close to Dampier…

Built in south Sulawesi like the traditional vessels of the XV century, our sumptuous 30 meters vessel can welcome 10 to 14 guests. A diving high quality material and experienced guides are onboard ready for you.
This diving-trip in Indonesia is just breathtaking for all the lovers of underwater marine life.

Day 1

Welcome to West Papua. Arrival in Sorong airport, you are welcome and driven to the harbour.
Boarding on the Indonesian vessel ! The crew will show you the boat, and let you settle in your cabin. Before leaving, the crew will tell you all the safety rules and more details about the cruise in Raja Ampat.
On the way the Waigeo Island, we will reach Kri Island, East of Mansuar Island. At the end of the day, first jump in the beautiful water surrounded by tropical forest in Yenbuba Bay and then little walk in the village.

Day 2

First sunrise on the ocean. During this stop, you could dive, visit and snorkel. In Yenbuba Bay, turtles and colorful fishes are dancing in the middle of beautiful corals. Relaxing on the Yenbuba beach and little walk in the village. Further the Cap Kri water is hiding 374 different species. One of the most various underwater landscapes in Raja Ampat. Third dive in Saunderek. At the end of the day, we will go meet local village where you can meet some fabulous people. Just right after the sunset, we will sail to the north, crossing the equator, for a sail night to the Wayag archipelago.

Day 3

You will wake up in the heart of Wayag Archipelago , one of the most beautiful in Raja Ampat : Turquoise blue water surrounded by karstic moutains. This atoll is included more than 600 contig, and got the biggest underwater biodiversity in the world. You will get off the vessel on the Wayag for a trekking to the top of Pindito Mont, where you will be given a beautiful panoramic view. Afternoon : two dives are waiting for you and a lot of aquatic activities : Kayak, SUP… Underwater you will meet the majestuous Mantas Rays in a secret spot. the night will be spent in the unforgettable lagoon.

Day 4

After sunrise, we will leave the Wayag archipelago and sail the Kawe island. We will cross back the equator to reach diving spots and snorkeling for the day. On Black rock, you will dive on beautiful corals with Napoleon fishes. On Eagle Rock, it’s not rare that you can see Mantas Rays over there and also sharks-mats hiding in the cliffs.
Navigation will then take us to the South East for Aljui Bay. Night in front of farm of pearl.

Day 5

We will start by a visit of a Pearl farm and understand the process, culture and harvest of these small jewels of the Pacific. Next place is Wofoh island where you can do your favorite activities : snorkeling, beach and diving. And turtles are also in this paradise spot. Leaving Jakare in Kayak or SUP to discover the white sand beaches. Mask and Snorkel are enough to admire the forest of sea fan. In the afternoon, sail to south-west to Maniafun Island where we will sleep for the night.

Day 6

While still sleeping in early morning, the vessel will sail to Pienemu island. Two dives in the day. Keruo Channel, is a incredible passageway between two islands and Melissa’s Garden, shelter for wobbegong, the famous carpet shark.Wonderful show in marine wildlife in the middle of colorful flowers. After lunch, the vessel is anchorage next to the entrance of the lagoon. Little trek and exploration to admire the Karstic mountains of Pienemu. Underwater or on earth, the nature is shining and preserved. Afternoon, sailing to Yangello island in the middle of peaceful mangrove. Tasty dinner on board in paradise spot.

Day 7

This morning, exploration in Kayak of the Yangello’s mangrove. Back on board and go ahead toward the Arborek Island. Wonderful snorkeling next to Arborek : Turtles, grey cliffs sharks, innocent are on the game. Little walk in the papu village and farniente on the beach. Let’s get onboard to Manta Sandy, real clean station for the Mantas. If you are lucky, you can see giant Rays Mantas’s ballet. From the boat you will see them jump out of the water. During the sail to Miokson Island you can watch the beautiful lanscape from the deck.

Day 8

You are just next to Mansua Island, the day is starting by somes extraordinary dives on the famous spot : Miokson, Blue magic, Sardines and some others places. These spots in the strait can be in strong current, and the deep underwaters hide some intact corals and schools fishes of every sorts including seahorses. Getting back onboard, we sail to Friwen Island, with a good moment to explore all around. Watching the sunset you will eat an excellent dinner cooked by our chef.

Day 9

Waking up very early for a trek in the jungle to look for the birds of paradise singing, one of the endemic specie in west Papua. Stroll in with the small annex and then walk for 30 minutes with our local guide. After the trek and breakfast, next coming dive is on Mike’s Point, in the Dampier’s strait. Colorful wildlife is just in front of your eyes. Just next to Gam Island, this spot is famous for the species diversity growing in beautiful corals tray. Back on Frewen Island to go swimming and snorkeling or just relaxing on the deck or beach. For this last night, a barbecue is organised on the beach for you.

Day 10

When you wake up, the vessel is already sailing since few hours on its way to Sorong. Enjoy the last moments on this exceptional cruise. During the morning you can exchange with the crew who were here with you all along. Check your dive book, switch the pictures and address. Around noon you leave the boat and find the ground. It’s time to say goodbye to the crew and take the road back with our private driver to the airport or hotel.

When to come on board?

Raja Ampat: Otober to April
Komodo North and center: April to November
Southern Komodo: November
Wakatobi: March to May and September to November
Moluccas: November
Togians: March to December

Tempted by the Adventure?