Diving on Board

The Jakaré operates as a full-fledged dive center, with equipment and staff that are adapted and independent, with on top an exclusive side.

Our entire team, headed by our Dive Instructor, will be at your service so that you can enjoy, in complete safety, the most beautiful diving spots of Indonesia.

The concept of the Jakaré is to leave a maximum of freedom to our guests. Thus, the dives can be organised and tailored to your level and your desires.

Our Dive cruises usually include 3 dives per day (plus sometime night dives) organised according to the desires of the Guests and the possibilities. We prefer early morning dives (even before breakfast). The schedules vary of course depending on the tides and weather conditions.

We develop TEK diving on board Jakaré with our balinese partner Fun Divers Bali. We develop in particular CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) and are able to fully support individuals or groups that are willing to discover our exceptional dive destinations while living their passion fully.

We proposed on board NITROX EAN and guided CCR dives for the CCR certified divers on all our destinations.


  • French Speaking Diving Instructor.
  • Local Guides knowing perfectly the dive sites. Our ratio guide/guests is normally one over 4.
  • Our crew is attentive and professional.
  • All diving equipment is carefully loaded on the dinghy by our crew: you are on full holidays!
  • The dives are organised as per your level and desires.
  • CCR divers are welcomed on board.


The dedicated diving space at the front of the boat is protected and convivial. From there will be held the dive or snorkelling briefing given by our Diving Instructor or Dive Guide, just before embarking into the dinghies. The diving equipment includes.

  • 2 high pressure compressors BAUER
  • Diving equipment Aqualung
  • 30 number of 12 liters Aluminium tanks and 8 liters kids tanks
  • Nitrox is proposed


  • Tank rental for CCR: we have 3 liters tanks available (for diluent and oxygen), compatible with most of the CCRs.
  • Sodium INTERSORB pm 812ni.
  • Basic Tools and Consumable.
  • compatible with most of the CCRs.
  • Technical Space for cleaning and preparation before and after diving.
  • Nitrox and Oxygen gas feed using a booster system.
  • Bailouts: we have sets available.
  • Professionals to serve and advise you safely and efficiently.