Our values

From left to right, Farhad, Matthieu, Puga and François.

Our values

Beyond the incredible challenges that this type of project does not fail to encounter, it is above all the human adventure that we value; sharing with Puga and his family (the builder) and the sense of innate welcome of the entire Tanah Beru community.

We are particularly sensitive to the environment and we are well aware that certain types of wood (which are really exceptional woods) such as ironwood do not come from a durable and sustainable exploitation of the resource.

We have taken great care to build a ship with the goal that its lifespan is greater than one hundred years (while the usual lifespan of a traditional boat is 10 to 20 years).

All stages of construction meet this goal of longevity, the drying of the wood (which starts more than a year before construction), the use of rotproof wooden pegs to assemble the shell (no nails and a minimal amount of screws were used on the Jakaré, due to their inferior durability) or the annual maintenance (where all edges are checked individually, surveyed and repainted).

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