They have reviewed our cruises in Indonesia aboard the Jakaré

The “Manta Team” was created this week, we had an amazing week on board the JAKARE. After this trip, not sure what will beat this! Crew for Diving, for cooking and the services was excellent. Everything was spot on and the dive sites were absolutely stunning! I would love to do it again on this boat!!! Cheers

Fabien - Février 2018

If this cruise were a movie, it will be deserved by the Oscar for the best views, the best sounds best crew, best dive, best meals, and best cruise director.  Also a big thank you to the family we met during the trip.

See you in Raja Ampat

Caroline and Paul – April 2018 – Hotel Bali Villa Anjing

Dear Jakaré team, 

Thanks a lot for your hospitality. Full services at the top !

Thanks Mansuar for your patience and availability. Thanks David for the management of all the Crew !

Long life to Jakaré

Arnaud - Décembre 2018

Now is that I call Holidays!We had the most amazing time! Great crew, scenery, snorkelling, diving, island hoping, BBQ… and you even managed to make all the fishes appear!These holidays are all the about the people and we were lucky to share it with 10 other great people and the crew and Dylan and Nico… you were amazing hosts and made us feel very welcome and you made it special… extra special! Thank you ☺

Mane and Brian - July 2019

Dear Jakaré crew,
Thank you for a marvellous week cruising around Komodo Park. You made our Honeymoon trip files with new fun experiences, adventures and unforgettable memories.Also thanks for lots of good food; I think we have gained some weight…Thank you Dylan and Nico for ensuring that we had our own romantic moment and time away from the rest of the group☺. This is for sure a Honeymoon to remember! Thank you! And all the best!

Rose and Frode - July 2019, Komodo

Special thanks to Nico, Black Orca and black coral, the trip would not have been the same without you! Long live the sharks, the mantas, the crocodile fish, the Fire Gobis, the juvenile Box fish, the Peacock Mantis and all the others.

Estelle - October 2019, Komodo

Magnificent voyage aboard JAKARE!! Unforgettable. The food was unbelievable and the team took very good care of us and our kids. We visited some fantastic dive sites and the team – Francois worked hard to bring the non-divers to great snorkel places as well. We had a brilliant time and the boat exceeded all our expectations. Thank you so much. Eli, Dawn and Brian

Eli, Dawn and Brian - Février 2018

Very very very perfect crew.
After a week you really want to come back and see more among divers.
Congratulations for this wonderful Jakaré, very well conceived and well done the crew for always being here and pampering us.

Isabelle - April 2018

What to say more about this cruise than it looked like a dream. The crew was wonderful and always here for us, also not to forget the Chef.

Thank you to all the Crew!

Marie-Noelle - April 2018

Thank you a million times for the amazing week onboard Jakaré! Most amazing way to visit this beautiful part of the world. See you next year in Raja Ampat to find the sleeping mantas!
Lots of love

Ella - August 2019, Komodo

Just amazing
Absolutely Awesome
Keen for Knowledge underwater
Astonishingly Beautiful
Rock and Roll with the crew

Lizzie - July 2019, Komodo

Thank you for a lovely liveaboard cruise and your warm hospitablity. The mark of a successful sailing is when the guest does not want to leave or is thinking of the next sailing. I am already planning when to do so with my family.I hope to see every friendly face again…
Your friend, Alicia, Singapore - August 2019, Komodo

Dear Jakaré,
Thank you so much for such a wonderful week. You all took good care of us and made the trip friendly and fun onboard. Jakare is a beautiful boat and each day was a pleasure with delicious views, tasty food and comfortable chilling. The diving and snorkelling were amazing and we aware lucky to see so much.Nico and Dylan, a special thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness and for making the week so fun.It’s been our best family holidays.Thank you

Lizzie, James, Sally and Dave - July 2019, Komodo

Jakaré, thank you so much for a one-of-a-kind trip! We had a wonderful time aboard, exploring Raja Ampat, Trekking to Lagoons and bird watching sites, snorkeling and kayaking and eaten excellent meals. The advanced divers described the dives so vividly, I could picture seeing the sharks, Manta Rays and turtles myself ? You have an excellent crew, who are great with kids, which helps make this an unforgettable experience!!

Brian - Février 2018

The first word that comes to mind is “wow”. This trip has been amazing. The komodo islands are beautiful and we have had the opportunity to see breath taking marine life : fish, coral, turtles, rays and sharks. But what made this trip so special is the Jakare boat and its crew. The Jakare is spacious, confortable and the crew polite, attentive, and great with children. They played songs and entertained the children and the children had a great time. The meals were delicious, varied and copious. As inexperenced divers we were taken to stunning dive spots fully adapted to our lever and great care was taken to make sure we were safe and confortable during the dive.

A wonderful holiday with family and friends. Thank you to all the crew and to David for making this trip so special. I can’t wait to come back !

Joanne. A - August 2018

Dear Jakaré crew
Thank you for a fabulous experience in all aspects: Sam and Chef for food, Diving crew and zodiac crew for outings and diving, skipper for navigation and Nicolas for looking after us in every way. The Mantas were on holidays, so we will be back for Raja with Manssu and crew. Terima Kasih banyak.
Cristobel - August 2019 Komodo

Dear Jakaré crew.
We would like to thank you for making this trip such an amazing experience for us. Syamsul, always smiling, was working hard in the background to ensure the maximum comfort for the guests. Burhan prepared a great variety of food. Especially his cookies in the afternoon were highly appreciated! A great thank you to Mawardi and Mizjwar for keeping the Jakaré and, of course, the diving equipment in perfect condition.Aziz and Adi brought us safely to the different dive sites and back to the Jakaré, always giving a helpful hand when needed. Arwand and Thalib, on duty as soon as Jakare moved, did a great job bringing us through the Raja Ampat seas. Mansur and Nicolas, we thank you so much for all what you did during this trip to let us discover the amazing underwater world of Raja Ampat….

October 2019. Raja Ampat

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